Promotional - Corporate Gifts

Tech Products

Tech Products Tech products make for practical and modern corporate gifts, ideal for all types of businesses and enterprises. USB sticks, power banks, smartwatches, and Bluetooth speakers are just a few of the items we can offer you!


Promotional pens are a smart and economical solution for promoting your business. They are also a practical promotional gift due to their usefulness.

Clothing - Caps

Ideal for stores, companies, schools, associations, and clubs. They are printed with indelible inks that are resistant to time and usage and do not fade in the washing machine.

Travel - Conference Bags

Conference Bags Conference bags with your company logo and information printed on them. They are ideal for carrying your most important documents during professional trips or meetings. Choose among a variety of leather or fabric conference/travel bags.


A practical promotional item to gift to your clients. Create your own bespoke mugs. Mugs are highly durable and logos, photos, text, or anything else you might think can be printed on them.


Lighters are a useful gift since they are almost in every pocket. Create your personalized lighter with your company logo and information on it.


Watches make for a truly timeless gift that can impress even the most demanting partners or clients. Print any image in any size you want.

Key chains

Gift a custom keychain to your clients. Custom and numbered keychains are also a nice touch for any hotel or business in hospitality.

Lanyards - Bracelets

Lanyards are ideal for any conference, large groups, enterprises and festivals They are made of polyester with a metallic clutch at the end Available in a variety of colours and at any quantity.

Notebooks - Folders

Notebooks are an effective way of promotion for tutoring centers, language schools, and businesses, as they impress with their usefulness and practicality. They are created in the dimensions and quantities desired by you. Notebooks are available either with saddle stiching or spiral binding.


Umbrellas are a must-have accessory for rainy days. but the also make for a promotional gift that your clients can you use to indirectly promote your business. Custom printed with your own branding can make for an extremely nice gift.

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